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07 July, 2020

EU: Sustainable Use of Pesticides

EU: Sustainable Use of Pesticides

The European Commission launched and initiative to review to what extent the objectives of reducing pesticides have been met and options for further reducing pesticide use to help meet the goals of the Farm to Fork Strategy and the European Green Deal.

The evaluation will assess the extent to which the intended objectives of the Sustainable Use of pesticides Directive (SUD) are relevant today, and the extent to which the SUD delivered against them. It will look into the reasons for the observed weaknesses in implementation, application and enforcement of the legislation.
Citizens and stakeholders are invited, until August 7, 2020, to provide views on the Commission's understanding of the current situation, problem and possible solutions, and to make available any relevant information that they may have, including on possible impacts of the different options. Feedback will be summarized and taken into account for further development and fine tuning of the initiative.
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