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07 July, 2020

Canada: MRLs Update

Canada: MRLs Update

Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency has proposed new maximum residue limits (PMRL) for fenpropathrin.

The PMRL for fenpropathrin in tree nuts (crop group 14-11) is set at 0.15 ppm, replacing the currently established MRL of 0.10 ppm.
The final date for comments is August 22, 2020.
Consultation on Fenpropathrin, Proposed Maximum Residue Limit PMRL2020-22
In addition, as previously announced, the PMRLs for mefentrifluconazole was adopted on June 7, 2020. The MRL for mefentrifluconazole in tree nuts (crop group 14-11) is set at 0.06 ppm; in dried prune plums and raisins at 4.0 ppm; in peanuts at 0.01 ppm.
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