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Advertising in the Nutfruit magazine keeps your company visible to industry leaders internationally. It is published three times a year: March, July and November, with a circulation of more than 6,500 copies, including an online version.

The magazine is fully accessible online. INC members receive a print issue. Non-members have the possibility to receive them with an annual fee of 170 € due in January.

The Nutfruit magazine features industry leaders, government officials and guest food experts and researches who provide a global network of information about statistics, new crop information, food safety, trade issues, government regulations, new promotional ideas, scientific findings and many other topics.

With a circulation of 6,500 copies, including an online version, the Nutfruit magazine is addressed to the public and consumers in general, competent government and authorities in matters of agriculture, science, consumption and health. The Nutfruit magazine is also intended for professional nutrition experts and nut and dried fruit producing, distributing and marketing companies.










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Indian Consumer: Attitude and behavior towards consumption of nuts and dried fruits

10 March, 2017 Feature Articles

Nuts and dried fruits in India offer a unique opportunity to meet the needs of a consumer who is looking to adopt a new wellness lifestyle without having to forego traditional values -a consumer who is increasingly concerned with health but is not willing to compromise on taste.

How Big Data could revolutionize the food industry

10 March, 2017 Feature Articles

Big data has become a potent weapon in the management toolkit of businesses across the globe. But to what extent is the food and beverage sector taking advantage of the opportunities?

Nathalie Garrigue, General Manager of Barry Callebaut's main nuts company

10 November, 2016 A Chat with the Industry

Barry Callebaut is the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate and cocoa products. Since 2012, the company has entered the nuts business with the acquisition of Spain’s La Morella Nuts. Such a tasty combination between nuts and chocolate remains at the heart of the company’s strategy so as to strengthen its market position for both its gourmet and specialties products, and its food manufacturers products business.
Nutfruit magazine discusses with Nathalie Garrigue, General Manager of Barry Callebaut’s main nuts company La Morella Nuts, on the state of the nuts industry, new trends and the strategy undertaken by the company to become the number one in specialty nuts.

Steve Junqueiro, Co-President and COO of Save Mart

10 July, 2016 A Chat with the Industry

Steve Junqueiro is responsible for overseeing Save Mart’s supply chain in its 210 stores and 3 distribution centers. He is in charge of store operations, merchandising, labor relations, human resources, organizational effectiveness and engagement functions.
Steve is passionate about the grocery business. With over 41 years with the company, he has risen through the ranks holding operations and merchandising positions until being appointed to the position of Co-President and Chief Operating Officer. Steve’s leadership has built an operational team that works with conviction, credibility and compassion.
He receives the INC after delivering a presentation about ‘The future of American Supermarkets’ in the frame of the XXXV World Nut and Dried Fruit Congress in San Diego. He firmly believes that this future will be driven by food transparency, convenience, connectivity, emotional connection, and local and sustainable supply.

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