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A Quantitative Assessment of the Risk of Human Salmonellosis Arising from the Consumption of Almonds in the United States: The Impact of Preventive Treatment Levels.  Authors:Farakos, S. M. S., Pouillot, R., Johnson, R., Spungen, J., Son, I., Anderson, N., & Doren, J. M. V.  (2017)

The role of dietary interventions in the prevention of IgE‐mediated food allergy in children.  Authors:Du Toit, G., Foong, R. X., & Lack, G.  (2017)

Update on Timing and Source of ‘Allergenic' Foods.  Authors:Palmer, D. J.  (2017)

Peanut oleosins associated with severe peanut allergy-Importance of lipophilic allergens for comprehensive allergy diagnostics.  Authors:Schwager, C., Kull, S., Behrends, J., Röckendorf, N., Schocker, F., Frey, A., ... & Jappe, U.  (2017)

Association of Clinical Reactivity with Sensitization to Allergen Components in Multifood-Allergic Children.  Authors:Andorf, S., Borres, M. P., Block, W., Tupa, D., Bollyky, J. B., Sampath, V., ... & Chinthrajah, R. S.  (2017)

Characteristics of tree nut challenges in tree nut allergic and tree nut sensitized individuals.  Authors:Couch, C., Franxman, T., & Greenhawt, M.  (2017)

Prediction of cashew nut allergy in sensitised children.  Authors:van der Valk, J. P., Vergouwe, Y., Gerth van Wijk, R., Steyerberg, E. W., Reitsma, M., Wichers, H. J., ... & de Jong, N. W.  (2017)

A systematic review on the health effects of plums (Prunus domestica and Prunus salicina).  Authors:Igwe, E. O., & Charlton, K. E.  (2016)

A healthier US diet could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from both the food and health care systems.  Authors:Hallström, E., Gee, Q., Scarborough, P., & Cleveland, D. A.  (2017)

Acute Peanut Consumption Alters Postprandial Lipids and Vascular Responses in Healthy Overweight or Obese Men.  Authors:Liu, X., Hill, A., West, S., Gabauer R., McCrea, C., Fleming, J., Kris-Etherton, P.  (2017)

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