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Kinetics of aflatoxin degradation during peanut roasting.

Authors: Martins, L. M., Sant'Ana, A. S., Iamanaka, B. T., Berto, M. I., Pitt, J. I., & Taniwaki, M. H. (2017)

Occurrence, Toxicity, and Analysis of Major Mycotoxins in Food.

Authors: Alshannaq, A., & Yu, J.H. (2017)

Influence of roasting on the chemopreventive potential of in vitro fermented almonds in LT97 colon adenoma cells.

Authors: Schlörmann, W., Fischer, S., Saupe, C., Dinc, T., Lorkowski, S., & Glei, M. (2017)

Colour and in vitro quality attributes of walnuts from different growing conditions correlate with key precursors of primary and secondary metabolism.

Authors: Fuentealba, C., Hernández, I., Saa, S., Toledo, L., Burdiles, P., Chirinos, R., ... & Pedreschi, R. (2017)

Fatty acid and phenolic profiles of almond grown in Serbia.

Authors: Čolić, S. D., Akšić, M. M. F., Lazarević, K. B., Zec, G. N., Gašić, U. M., Zagorac, D. Č. D., & Natić, M. M. (2017)

A Multi‐Center Study on Anaphylaxis caused by Peanut, Tree Nuts and Seeds in Children and Adolescents.

Authors: Jeong, K., Lee, S. Y., Ahn, K., Kim, J., Lee, H. R., Suh, D. I., ... & Kim, K. W. (2016)

Prevalence of food allergies and intolerances documented in electronic health records.

Authors: Acker, W. W., Plasek, J. M., Blumenthal, K. G., Lai, K. H., Topaz, M., Seger, D. L., ... & Zhou, L. (2017)

An update on the impact of food allergy on anxiety and quality of life.

Authors: Shaker, M. S., Schwartz, J., & Ferguson, M. (2017)

The prevalence of food allergy and other allergic diseases in early childhood in a population-based study: HealthNuts age 4-year follow-up.

Authors: Peters, R. L., Koplin, J. J., Gurrin, L. C., Dharmage, S. C., Wake, M., Ponsonby, A. L., ... & Allen, K. J. (2017)

Changes in patient quality of life during oral immunotherapy for food allergy.

Authors: Rigbi, N. A. E., Goldberg, M. R., Levy, M. B., Nachshon, L., Golobov, K., & Elizur, A. (2017)

Elimination diet and the development of multiple tree-nut allergies.

Authors: Elizur, A., Bollyky, J. B., & Block, W. M. (2017)

Improving the Sun Drying of Apricots (Prunus armeniaca) with Photo‐Selective Dryer Cabinet Materials.

Authors: Milczarek, R. R., Avena‐Mascareno, R., Alonzo, J., & Fichot, M. I. (2016)

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