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INC Pavilion - SIAL 2016

INC offers a full-service Pavilion to deliver a superior service matchless by any other booth.

SIAL-Paris, from 16 – 20 October 2016, will see a new edition of the INC Nuts and Dried Fruit Pavilion. This year, the Pavilion presents new features aimed at enhancing the experience of the INC members participating in the world’s food largest innovation exhibition.

The new INC Pavilion will have 375 sq m hosting 24 INC members. It will be located at 5a M 205. By these larger dimensions, the Pavilion will incorporate new facilities and services so as to offer extra-added value to those companies trusting the INC to promote its products and services at this international trade show. As a matter of fact, there will be 3 meeting rooms and a bigger hospitality-lounge area by which co-exhibitors will afford bigger space for both informal and private meetings.

Full-Service Package

  • Premium Location,Prestige & Visibility

  • Network withinFinest Trade Buyers

  • Pre-ShowPlanning

  • Refreshments &Daily Lunch

  • Graphics Design &Printing Included

  • Keeping YourOwn Indentity

  • Free Wi-fiConnection

  • PrivateMeeting rooms

  • MultilingualPersonnel

  • Promotion ServicesSupport

  • Company Listingin the Official Catalogue

  • Assistance in Shipping,Travel & Accommodation

SPECIAL offer for INC co-exhibitors: 30% discount for advertising in the Nutfruit magazine

Co-exhibitors joining the INC Pavilion in Anuga 2017 will get a 30% discount for advertising in the Nutfruit magazine. This special offer is not cumulative with other Nutfruit magazine’s offers and promotions. This is valid until 31/12/2017.

Only for INC Members

We thank our exhibitors for joining us in the biggest and most exciting food exhibition in the world


Comments from Satisfied Co-Exhibitors

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    Joseph Ebbage

    “What I appreciate most is the saved time by the INC organising the stand. The pavilion was a magnet for trade traders from around the world”

    Joseph Ebbage, Marketing Manager at Almond Board of Australia, Australia

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    Olivier Tolga

    “Thanks to the INC Pavilion and the positive help of the INC colleagues, who are very friendly and helpful, our company had a very successful fair.”

    Olivier Tolga, Sales Manager at Balsu, Turkey

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    Alex Whyte

    “To be part of the INC Pavilion is great and I would highlight the quality of the leaders we meet”

    Alex Whyte, Sales Manager at Green & Gold Macadamias, South Africa

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    Xavier Grau

    “INC Pavilion offers a convenient location and organization for exhibitors”

    Xavier Grau, International Sales Manager Nuts Division at Borges International GroupSpain.

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    Renato de Goyzueta

    ”We like the friendly but professional atmosphere of the Pavilion. In addition, the food and service provided were very good”

    Renato de Goyzueta, Marketing & Commercial Manager at Besana SpaItaly.

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    Ramin Yousefi

    “We have no doubt that SIAL Paris 2014 would not have been the success that it was without the INC help.”

    Ramin Yousefi, CEO at Persian Dynasty Pistachios, Hong Kong

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    John Pressler

    “The organization and helpfulness of the INC staff at SIAL 2014 was superb. The location of the stand within the exhibit was excellent. We highly recommend using the INC pavilion for the highest visibility as a dried fruit and nut company.”

    John Pressler, International Sales Executive at Pearl Crop Trading, USA

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    Monika Burda

    “Everything was successful beyond our expectations at every level”

    Monika Burda, Sales Manager at Derby Ingredients, United Kingdom

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    Amine Chelbi

    “Not only was the organization excellent, but the services and facilities offered to co-exhibitors also fulfilled our expectations”

    Amine Chelbi, Marketing Manager at Boudjebel SATunisia.

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    Brett Flora

    “What I most appreciate is the top quality companies and high level contacts gathered in the Pavilion. Excellent service, friendly and knowledgeable INC staff, with  passion for the industry”

    Brett FloraAccount Manager-Sales at RF BiocidicsUSA


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