Nuts Highlighted at IUFoST

World Congress of Food Science and Technology

The IUFoST World Congress of Food Science and Technology, which brings together food scientists and technologists to foster the worldwide exchange of scientific knowledge and ideas, took place August 5-9, in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil.

The INC sponsored the session “Nuts in a Global Setting” on August 8th. Chaired by Mr. Ezzedine Boutrif, Former Director of Nutrition and Consumer Protection at FAO, the INC-funded session consisted of six conferences: Mr. Boutrif reviewed food security priorities and international initiatives; Dr. Karen Lapsley, Director of Scientific Affairs for the Almond Board of California, gave a presentation on global dietary guidelines and nut health benefits; Prof. Richard Mattes, professor of Purdue University, USA, in the Department of Foods and Nutrition, presented multi-country appetite and dietary effects of consuming an energy dense snack.

In the second half of the session Ms. Julie Adams, Vice Chairman of the INC Scientific and Government Affairs Committee, reviewed global trends in nut production, trade and food safety, followed by Dr. Rainer Perren, from RPN Food Technology AG in Switzerland, who presented developments in roasting and thermal pasteurization of tree nuts. The session concluded with a presentation by Dr. Anna Resurreccion, Department of Food Science and Technology of University of Georgia (USA) on strategies for aflatoxin elimination in peanut products in under-industrialized nations in Asia and Africa.

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