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The INC Promotes the Nuts for Gifts Plan at The Experimental Biology in Chicago

Sponsor a Cocktail at the INC Pavilion in Anuga and Enhance your Brand’s Visibility

3rd Meeting of the Spanish Almond Industry

INC Executive Committee Meeting March 2017

INC Business Integrity Committee

Brazil Nut Early Forecasts

2016 EU RASFF Notifications for Nuts and Dried Fruits

The INC Pavilion Brings Nuts and Dried Fruits to GulFood 2017

Meeting of the FRUCOM’s Dried Fruit and Nuts Working Group

Important Joint Operating Agreement among Chilean Walnut Associations 

Macadamia Industry to Grant €200,000 in 2017 to Health Research

INC to Grant €350,000 in 2017 to Nuts and Dried Fruits Research and Dissemination

Anuga 2017 Will See the 6th Edition of the INC Pavilion

INC Unveils the New Pavilion for GulFood 2017

UNECE Agricultural Quality Standards

FRUCOM Open Discussion Round

31st European Dried Fruit Meeting

Tree Nut Production to Increase by 5.77% in 2016-17 Season; Dried Fruit by 4.41%

EU-Turkey Cooperation Scheme on Hazelnuts Annual Consultations

Sial-Interfood Jakarta: A Platform to Expand to the South-East Asian Region

INC Pavilion’s 5th edition at SIAL-Paris 2016

New Global Agri-Business Alliance Targets UN SDGs to Tackle Global Food Security

GulFood 2017: Welcome to the new INC Pavilion

China International Tree Nuts Conference

Walnuts China, Crop Forecast Update

Sao Paulo hosts the 5th Brazilian Meeting – 1st Latin American Nuts Meeting

SIAL-Paris 2016: INC Pavilion is Back

INC at UNECE-UNDP Workshop on Cross-Border Trade of Nuts and Dried Fruit

Trade Dinner Meeting to Promote INC Congress in Chennai 2017

Codex Committee on Contaminants in Foods

U.N. Specialized Section on Standardization of Dry and Dried Produce

Safe Food California

INC at FRUCOM’s Open Discussion Session

2nd Meeting of the Spanish Almond Industry

AFI Annual Convention

INC at the 2016 International Peanut Forum

INC Executive Committee Meeting

Iran Pistachio Association Annual Meeting

Codex Alimentarius Committee on Food Import and Export Inspection and Certification Systems

INC Congress Breaks Record Participation from Japan

INC Pavilion at GulFood 2016

INC at the 74th Plenary Meeting of the OECD Fruit and Vegetables Scheme

43rd Almond Conference

INC Awards Promotion and Research into the Health Benefits of Nuts and Dried Fruits with Grants of 250,000 euros

INC Invites its Members to Participate in Gulfood 2016

Funding Opportunities: INC Grant for Promotion and Dissemination Projects

INC at the 30th European Dried Fruit Meeting

INC at FRUCOM’s Open Session Meeting

INC Ambassador of Japan, Julian Tagawa recognized by the US-Japan Agricultural Trade Hall of Fame

First International Amazonian Bolivian Nut Summit


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